StreamComposer - The encoding wizard

We provide the most user friendly encoding service for businesses.
Easy video encoding, hosting and advanced statistics - all in one place.
StreamComposer includes all you need to host videos whether you are a newspaper, CMS publishing house, advertising company, or in any way use video on the internet.
We even have predefined views for complete TV-like looks, tutorial guides, and much more, thereby eliminating a huge work on setting up advanced views.

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StreamComposer - The premier choice for embedding, viewing and presenting videos

We provide unique options for video presentation

In contrast to many other encoding services, we not only supply our users with a possibility for embedding videos.

StreamComposer has set a new gold standard for online presentation of videos. Not only do we provide a state of the art standard embedded player – users also have access to multiple options for presenting their material:

  • Single list of your videos listed, with an embedded video player.
  • Set of rows with each their filter
  • Complex tutorial/educational view
  • Standalone player
  • Standard embedded player

Statistics - Monitor video usage

Be on top of how popular your videos are

Do you want to know how many users have seen your video, find out in what country most people see the video, see how far into the movie people watch?

No problem, with the video statistics tool you will have access to all the above.
By registering information about where the player was started, we can generate various data about where the videos were seen. We also register how far into the video each viewer watched the video.
All this is easily discovered using our intuitive user interface.
Using the same view, you can also sort videos on views, size and much more giving you a lot of control on the statistics and monitoring of your videos.

Availability - At all time, everywhere

Fast & Reliable Video Cloud

Our video hosting servers are located all over the world to provide end-users fast upload from local servers.
It's quick, secure, stable and made to deliver the best quality video streaming with the least buffering possible.

Protecting - Limit audience to users, places or domains

Limit audience to access data based on their IP, domain or username.

With StreamComposer it is possible to restrict access to selected media in an extremely simple manner. With just a few clicks access to a metadata about a video can be limited to a selected IP-address, domain name or set of users